My extended term will end 12/31/2020. I’m grateful to Attorney General Healey, Governor Baker, and Treasurer Goldberg for the opportunity to help create an agency that is uniquely effective, accountable, and fair, and which will continue to serve as model for other states.

Along with my fellow commissioners and a diverse community of advocates and entrepreneurs, I’m proud of — and honestly, amazed by — all the work we did to contain corporate greed, increase access for medical cannabis patients, and begin to issue licenses equitably. I’m also thankful to have supported the citizens who successfully mobilized their local representatives to create bold equity ordinances and their state representatives to direct marijuana tax revenue to community empowerment and reinvestment grants.

Nurys Camargo is an excellent choice for commissioner. Her fresh perspective and her skill for developing partnerships is exactly what this next phase of the commission’s work calls for, and I’m confident she will fight every day to advance the same movement for racial and economic justice that fought to create this seat.