I was supposed to be on Greater Boston today, which is my favorite TV show to go on, but unfortunately my son’s school called and said he had a 102 fever (!). He’s fine now, but since I didn’t get to go on the show and share some very important updates, I am sharing them here instead.

First, we are seeking vendors to provide technical assistance for our Social Equity Program. Do you know anyone with specific expertise in cannabis or cannabis licensing or training small businesses? Please encourage them to apply. If you click on the last file attachment, “Request for Responses Social Equity Program Materials and Services,” you can get a sense of what the curriculum looks like.

The applications for participants in the program are also available on our website. I am excited to personally teach Resume Writing for the initial sessions.

Second, this summer we will be considering licenses for delivery and social consumption (e.g. cafes or events with on-site consumption). As you may remember, we voted to delay those license types and to initially issue them exclusively to equity program participants and other groups who have been locked out of the industry so far. The Chairman and I have been working with local leaders from five communities to develop a framework for a pilot program to be considered by the Commission at a public meeting. Keep an eye out if you care about these licenses!

Third, I want to share the Commission’s Equity Work Plan with you. We spent much of our last three meetings brainstorming new ideas to promote equity. For example, our staff is looking into rearranging our application process to provide pre-certification for prospective entrepreneurs to have when they approach municipalities, investors, or landlords. We’re also considering allowing shared use of spaces like commercial kitchens. Please take a look at the ideas and give us your feedback (or share your own ideas!).

Most importantly, I hope you will take part in our upcoming feedback period and submit feedback by email or in our public hearings this summer. Follow the Commission online for official updates.